Training Material



Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

  • Introduction to Intellectual property and its role in the growth and development of technology, R & D sector.

  • Discussion on various treaties, protocols and agreements executed between different states to facilitate IPR services. (Eg: trIPS, GATT, Madrid Protocol, PCT, etc.)

  • Various economic factors related to the IP Rights and their importance in business strategies


Different Domains of IPR

  • Types of IPRs, their implementation and importance.


  • Provide incentive to the individual for new creations

  • Providing due recognition to the creators and inventors

  • Ensures material reward for intellectual property

  • Ensures the availability of the genuine and original product


  • talks about logo, graphics, symbol or their combination protection

  • Information about types of trademarks and related guidelines.

  • New trademark guidelines

  • Types of trademarks (Standard trademark, Certification trademark and Collection trademark)


  • protection for the artistic, literary and creativity in scientific works, audio-visual works, musical works, software and others under copyright Act

  • Berne Convention for the Protection of literary and Artistic Works

  • Rome Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organizations

  • Software copyright in India

  • Copyright infringement

Industrial Design-

  • Provides details about Industrial design which protects aesthetic aspect of an article.

  • Benefits from Industrial Design of a product

  • Difference between Industrial design right and patent right

  • Relation of industrial designs and business development.

Plant Variety-

  • Describes the protection of the rights of farmers and breeders.

  • Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, 2001

  • Plant breeders' rights (PBR)

  • Plant variety rights (PVR)

  • Eligibility for Plant Variety Protection

trade Secrets-

  • Describe the trade secret which can be practice, formula, process, commercial method etc.

  • Negative equitable right

  • Comparison of trade secret protection in India with US and EU system

Geographical Indications-

  • Describes the good as originating in the territory of a country or a region where a given quality, reputation, or other characteristic of the goods is essentially attributable to its geographical origin.

  • Meaning and Nature of Geographical Indications

  • Who are entitled for registration?

  • Conditions & Procedure for Registration

  • Offences and Penalties

  • Geographical Indications and Overview of the lisbon System & Geneva Act

  • GI protection in India

Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits-

  • describes the IPR to protect the layout-designs of integrated circuits

  • Designs of integrated circuits in accordance with the provisions of the IPIC treaty

  • traditional Knowledge Protection-

  • describes the concept of traditional Knowledge in the IPR

  • Significance & Importance of traditional Knowledge Protection

  • Concept of bio-prospecting & bio-piracy

  • International initiatives for protection of traditional Knowledge

  • Indian efforts towards traditional Knowledge protection

  • traditional Knowledge and Plant Varieties Protection



  • Details of types of patents applications, types of patent specifications, patent searching, patentability, National and International filings, infringements.

  • Patent filing procedures of India, related forms and documents

  • Patent searches, patent drafting, patent filing strategies, patent prosecution, patent oppositions, patent infringement, patent commercialization, enforcement, First Schedule (Forms), Second Schedule (Fees), sections and rules

  • Compulsory licensing and Revocation

  • Patent infringement, prosecution and litigation

  • Patent Opposition



  • Reasons for seeking trademark, its importance and the mandatory information and documents needed

  • New Forms and guidelines for trademark

  • Types of trademark its classes, Vienna Codification

  • trademark filing, search ,publication or advertisement and examination

  • trademark prosecution and opposition

  • Registration and validity of trademark

  • Amendments after registration of trademark



  • Filing of copyright application

  • Copyright and Freedom of Expression

  • Copyright Infringement

  • International Copyright Law (U.S. and E.U.)



  • Filing of design application, procedure for design application

  • What can be filed as Design

  • Piracy and infringement of designs

  • Overlap of Copyright and Design Acts

  • Case Studies


IPRs in Software

  • Describes the role of IPRs in the development of software technology and industry

  • Computer Related Inventions (CRI), software patents


Key Business Concerns in Commercializing Intellectual Property Rights

  • Describes the various business aspects related to commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Competition and Confidentiality Issues, Antitrust Laws, Assignment of IPR, Technology transfer Agreements, Legal Auditing.


Case Studies

  • Real industry examples where the companies had learned the importance of IP via case laws, IP licensing, IP infringement suits and had implemented that learning in growing their businesses.


Start-ups and IPRs

  • Describes the role of IPRs in the growth and development of Start-ups.

  • Government of India schemes

  • Guidelines of IPRs to facilitate start-ups, Start-up contracts and agreement, IP Facilitators.


Need of IPR and Awareness

  • Describes IPR as valuable assets for the business growth, Research and Development (R&D), advancement in the technology sector.



  • Numbers of exercises based on the aforesaid topics