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"Understanding and protecting Intellectual Property rights is fundamental and essential for the survival of any organisation or institution, no matter how big or small. FICCI online IP course will certainly help all the researchers, young lawyers, executives, professionals, managers to appreciate the need of various kinds of IP protection; and its impact and linkage with the growth of their respective organisations or institutions."

Amrish Tiwari

Partner, K & S Partners (Intellectual Property Attorneys)

The FICCI online course is something which opens up the mind of the learner about how Intellectual Property Rights - its creation, recognition and protection can make you and your enterprise truly rich! For the resource crunched MSME Sector, in particular, IPRs are the resources to take them on the path to becoming successful & larger corporates, and this course teaches you how to do exactly that, and in the best way.

Ashok Shukla

Group CEO, S.P.A. Group of Enterprises

FICCI online courses are extremely helpful and enriching, and has been designed to gain deeper understanding on the subject. The course content is precise and easy to understand, and the live webinars with industry experts particularly help participants in understanding the complex concepts on IPRs. I would recommend the course to students or professionals who want to enhance their knowledge in IP.

Prof. T.C.James

President, NIPO & Consultant at Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)

"FICCI online courses are helpful and comprehensive. The course content covers the basic to advanced concepts on IPR which are precise and easy to understand. The platform is user-friendly and interactive. In addition, live webinars with industry experts are particularly helpful for participants in learning the complex concepts on IPRs."

Ravi Bhola

Partner, K & S Partners (Intellectual Property Attorneys)

"I am delighted to comment on this course which I find very useful and apt for India’s current business scenario. As Indian companies compete in global business environment - IP is getting more and more attention, not only in large corporations but also amongst SMEs and Start-ups. These courses being offered by FICCI are in line with Indian government’s vision and I am sure they will not only be useful for IP professionals to further their skills but also for students who want to be part of the growing IP ecosystem in India as well as for all entrepreneurs to understand the basics of IP to take their business worldwide".

Tarun Kumar Bansal

President, Sagacious Research

"The courses offered by FICCI provide insights of each and every aspect of the topics discussed. Besides, the course materials are kept dynamic to suit constantly changing dynamics of the Intellectual Property domain, especially in India."

Vivek Dahiya

Principal Associate at Groverlaw

I would highly recommend the FICCI online course to all stakeholders, who are looking to enhance their understanding on IP. The course content covers both basic and advanced concepts on IPR and the structure is easy to follow. The course regularly has excellent live and interactive webinars with Industry experts, which will be particularly useful for the participants.

Dr. Alka Chawla

Professor at University of Delhi